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Let's hope blogger will listen to me!! We jsut went to the church again for 'Blaze class', where all the midde-high school kids get together to talk and play games. The first game was to write down a fact about someone and collect one fact for each letter of the alphabet, like 'My dad ate a Tiger, James Kensel', the fact's true by the way. Then we talked about the second commandment, and how God specifically says that making his religion a 'have to', with like, strictly scheduled meetings, or trying to apease him like how the isreaslites did when Moses was up Mt. Sinai, only disorts what he really wants. He wants a personal relationship with us, and when worshipping and appreciating God is made a 'have to', it becomes hard to have a relationship with him.

In other news, I think I'm finally getting the hang with my manga drawing. I was able to draw some portait sketches of a Character in Neo-Soldier without it looking awkward or disorted. Animals or masked figures maybe, but faces scare me. Scare me. But I finally did it, and I'm going to try again, using my Megaman Megamix manga for tips. Which reminds me, I'm getting a how-to manga book from the web when we get back to Loda! It even comes with a little mannequin! Once I get the confidence of drawing like that, I'd be able to express what I'm doing with my stories with pictures more often. That's also kinda why uploading pictures have been slow... hehe.

That's all I have to say for now, Dad probably wants the computer back. Sayonara for now!!

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  1. Hehe, that's great!! Hey, um, can I borrow that book you're getting? I need to work on my sideways faces... ;) Great to hear you're improving so much!! I'm proud of you! On a side note, commiting youself to drawing a manga is so much fun, but so time consuming!! :) Post some pictures soon, I want to see your style!! :D I learnt to draw by picking up bits and pieces from others and constructing my own style. :) Besides, the only thing I can draw is human faces, so I need to work on animals etc. :)


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