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Science Museum!

We went to a science museum! We got to touch a plasma orb, witness UV light, learned how atom bombs worked, but most importantly, we got to touch a ...something-graph generator. Oh, I just looked it up. Van De Graaff Generator. We touched it, and poof! Our hair shot up! And we took pictures!
There's Sarah, she didn't really like it the first time.

And There's John; Blue link. He looks calm.

There's my mom!! She looks hysterical! John and Steve are watching.

There's Steve, our little Green Link. He looks straight out of a manga page!!

And there's me, Red Link, the writer of this blog, and most of the brawn of writing our stories.

One last look, done. Ugh, not the best.

So I finally decided to show my face. Luckily from these pictures, my Zits are invisible. And so is my premature Mustache, mostly.

 One last picture; a poor picture of a bird. It's not as good as Chelsea's Blogger avatar though.
I took one last picture of me doing a peace, but the camera died before I could upload it! Darn!
So what did you think? Chelsea please comment! And one last thing, Sayonara for now!

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  1. Heya! Guess what? I'm commenting!! :D I've returned from my emo corner!

    Nice pictures, I remember we had a science incursion at primary school with those things, my friend Tahnee was the only one allowed to touch it (she was the only one given a permission form, dammit) and her hair shot up like a rocket, much like your mum's!!

    Yep, you finally showed your face. Isn't it weird how people totally don't look like you expect them to? :) I had no idea of how to picture you before... now I know. :)

    Haha, my picture was taken straight of the internet. I'm not that great at photography... but I'm okay. I'll have to post some sometime!! :)


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