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Sad anniversary

Today is something that I'd rather not celebrate 10 years of. It's the Decennial of the day when the trade center was kamikazed.

I remember my mom and dad telling me that once, we were all on a plane back to Thailand when we were much younger, Sarah wasn't around and Steve was only a year old. Mom and dad were trying to find a place to sit down in the plane, but an Islam gut wouldn't move from the spot that they were supposed to take. He thought he was all big and bad after what just happened so he wouldn't move. But the flight stewardess intervened and threatened to report him so he moved.

Yeah, on the other hand, today was good at church, we learned about relationships and that stuff, but John went with mom and dad to where the adults were listening to the sermon rather than come to the middle school section with me. That was fun, and I sat next to a cute girl >3.

I put up a tutorial on how to work with layers in gimp on the side, and that includes some artwork that I drew.

So happy saddest decennial! And Sayonara for now!

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