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Review: Metroid Zero Mission

 Review: Metroid Zero Mission

Metroid is my most favorite game series, next to Zelda. Metroid is in my opinion the combination of Megaman and Zelda, with the jumping and shooting of Megaman, and the exploration of Zelda. Metroid Zero Mission was the first Metroid Game I played, and I have been a fan since.

==HISTORY| The history of the game==
The first Metroid game was released for the NES in 1986, and was sadly only popular in America. After barely surviving the 90's with Super Metroid and not getting a single N64 game (save smash brothers), two GBA games were released to keep the series alive before 3D games came into the picture. The first was Fusion, chronologically the last game. Next came Zero Mission; a remake of the first game. And by remake, I mean REMAKE. Everything was redone, and the story was revamped a little, adding an ending that wasn't in the first game.

==The Transfer|Localizing and porting==
The game is very well translated, sadly compared to some Zelda games. Metroid is the only game series besides perhaps Mario that I've played that completely leaves out/adapts the Japanese terms that are used in the game. This is very complicated to explain, so I'd best leave that out. After winning the game once, the player will be able to play the first Metroid game as an add-on.

==Sypnosis|The plot of the game==
Samus is being watched...

These are the last words Samus Aran, the famed Galactic bouny hunter, will hear before going to her home world of Planet Zebes, which has become the strong hold for many space pirates, and their new AI leader, Mother Brain. Samus arrives on her old Home, and immediately sets out to find her way through the tunnels to find her way to Mother Brain, facing old Enemies from her torn past. Samus will need all the upgrades she can find in the ruins for the show down with the space pirate commander, and her old foe.

==Gameplay| How the game works==

Samus opens fire on a monster blocking her path
The player controls Samus like one would Link in Zelda II. Jumping and firing are essentials to surviving the caverns. The player must explore as much as he/she can, finding as much upgrades as possible. Upgrades such as Energy Tanks to increase health, and Missle Tanks to increase ammunition. But the best upgrades Samus can get are Suit upgrades or Beams, which will change what kind of Laser she fires and increase its power. Suit Upgrades will give Samus special abilities, such as the speed booster, which will make Samus run at incredible speeds once she runs for long enough. But new Suits themselves are also necessary, such as the varia suit, which protects Samus from extreme heat.
A list of Samus' equipment in the pause screen.
Firing blue doors (or 'hatches') is the main method of exiting room to room. Some doors can only be opened by a certain missile, so sometimes the player must be properly equipped before being allowed to go any further. Samus must also grab unto ledges to climb up to higher levels of some caverns, but only with the power grip upgrade. Turning into a ball, a signature ability for the series, is also needed to get through narrow passages.

How fast one completes the game is another element. The faster the game is won, the 'better' picture one will get at the end. I don't personally enjoy this feature, but it's a great challenge for players.

==CONSUMER'S INFORMATION|My opinion, the Critic's, and the availability==
The game sold very well in both Japan and America, and was critically praised too, called nostalgic and perfectly revamped. It is looked on now as the best graphics for all the 2D Metroid Games.
Here is my Pros and Cons for this game;
*Great gameplay
*Great Graphics
*Nice cut scenes
*Best remake I've ever seen, besides Zelda 3D
And here are my cons:
*Very difficult for younger players and easy to get lost in
*The endings seem perverted

As for availability, eBay has many deals, many with free shipping, and other such.

My third review, and I'm doing a lousy job. I just realized that this is my 110th post! Hope you liked it! Sayonara for now!!

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