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God Bless!



Some churches that my mom and dad know paid a trip for us, and we're staying at the white stone resort! We're staying for about four days, and this place is rated 'four diamonds', a term I'm not familiar with. There are five beds in the Cardinal suite we took; two in one small room, two in two small rooms, and one big room in the main room. There is also pretty good Wi-Fi, so I'll have an easier time gettin' around the web. Speaking of which, the computer that my bros usually worked didn't seem to working with the internet, until I hit a little switch at the bottom. So that means I get Mom's old one (mostly) to myself again!

I'm also putting together some sound-effect packs for a video game; Megaman ZX. The bosses in the game have really cool in-battle quotes, so using a cheat that turns off the music and audacity sound recorder, I'm putting together all the bosses' sound effects! I'll host them on the site when their done, so Whoever can use them for whatever. I'm planning on trying the same thing for some Zelda games...

I'm kinda worried about Chelsea, something happened according to her blog, and I think it's rather... Chelsea, If you're reading this, I'm praying for you!

So i'm gonna go work on my Manga drawings, so Sayonara for now!

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