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More Resort

Yeah, I'm enjoying myself here. There are three small rooms inside the suite, each about the size of a very large closet, each with a small bed in it. But one room has two of those small beds in it. So we all flipped to see who would get one with one bed, I won! Kinda lonely in the first night, but I get used to it! It gives me privacy to work on my growing manga skills!

Every night we have a fancy dinner, which is kinda new to me. Don't squirm, don't lean, etc., all that good stuff.
I think John had the most trouble. He has to be reminded about where his elbows go. But that's John for ya.

But one of the biggest thing's I'm enjoying here; a pool table! There's a billiard room at the bottom of the building, and it is fun! There's ping-pong, chinese checkers, large checkers, but more importantly; a Pool Table! We're havin fun with that!

So I'll wrap this up and get to other stuff. Sayonara for now!!

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