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Fun Church evening

This Wednesday evening, we went to church for some extra studying, and that was fun. One kid listened to a track from my Mp3 for a bit and called my stuff 'real hardcore.'

So just now I was playing Megaman ZX, and I got up to the final boss, and I was really ready to beat him... when I accidentally turned the game off... ARGH!!!! And megaman games aren't like Zelda games where you go up to the final boss and that's that, you have to fight every single boss you fought before in some kind of 'Recap', and then while keeping your health full and avoiding abysses, you have to get to the final boss, and after you beat him, he'll turn into a second form, and if you die against that you have to start all over again! ARGH!!

In other news, our Grandma Betty took us to a Gamestop store, she said that she would get us a game for the Wii we're gettin' ready to buy, and me and the others agreed that we'd start with Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, but when I called two of the three Gamestops in Tennessee, and they didn't have it. So we went to the other gamestop that we couldn't call for some odd reason, and at first they said he didn't, but they gave us one that they were holding onto instead! So we got our (kinda) First Wii game! But we still need a wii to finish the package, and I'm outta time. Sayonara for now!

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