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Double post

Today has been funny. Me and John went to this youth group swim party for our church, but not to many people were there (and thankfully not too many bikinis), so I felt less flustered.

Afterwards I brought back a slice of pizza, a can of mountian dew for Steve (he really likes that stuff!), and I took a really long shower, and everyone thought I was out walking. And because of that everyone allowed Sarah to eat it. I was a little mift, but I  was allowed an old meat-lover piece from pizza hut to make up for it. So dad's like "you were taking a shower?" and i said "I was trying to get the Chlorine outta my hair," but then mom said "There was no chlorine in there." And my hair's all stiff and stuff, so I say "Whatever it was, I wanted to get it out!"

Another funny, Dad ate baked beans for Dinner, and he's having a little kidney problem, so his back's hurtin and all that. So he's drinking a lot and taking medicine. So when he's done, he says "Honey, I don't think these beans are agreeing with my Anti-Biotics," then mom quickly says "Now we're going to talk about where you're sleeping tonight!" I laughed hard.

We just finished watching an episode of Kamen Rider Fourze, and it's a lot better than I thought. Fourze is a highschool/outer-space styled rider, and when I heard about his around the end of Os, i was like 'oh no, an even weirder one!', but now I'm seeing that it's not all that bad. Unless you're into something like Power Rangers from the start (er-hem!), then you probably won't see much in Kamen Rider, but a blog called 'Henshin Fever' has a bunch of rider episodes, so you can look that up.

I'm all outta time, so Sayonara for now!

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