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Brought home... BY A COP!!!

So now after four days of no wi-fi, I'm at my Nana's house in Missouri, but her internet isn't that great, 'cause it's LAN connection, and after school hours here are over, it gets hecka slow.

Speaking of school hours, I went out for a walk this morning, and on my way back, I was confronted by a police cop. Yes, an in-the-flesh Police Officer. He asked me a few questions, and apparently I was mistaken for a School Drop-out! Yikes!! After he asked me a few questions, I told him what street I was staying at and he drove me there (mmmf...) and when we got to the door, Steve and Mom looked really surprised when they opened it. After everything was straightened out, him being told that I was homeschooled and all, Mom suggested that I should only walk after school hours. Dad says 'I should keep the cops on their toes' and not worry about it, and my Nana said that it was the funniest thing she ever heard. Steve even said that he was thinking 'WHAT DID YA DO?!!' So yeah, that was fun. Right now I'm trying to put up a different cursor for my blog.

Great to be back on the web! Sayonara for now!

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  1. Hehe, I would have been scared silly if a cop came up to me!!
    By the way, I like the cursor!! How did you do it?


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