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God Bless!


Sunday (2)

We went over to see our friend Nancy, she was widowed like a year ago. So we visited, watched some TV (yay John), pet her cat (yay me!), and went out for pizza. I could barely finish three slices, and that's coming from what my mom calls 'my abyssian stomach!'. We were originally planning on going to an arcade on the boardwalk, so Nancy gave us boys $20 bucks to spend there... $20! But we ultimately decided not to go because it was too rainy, but we kept the cash! I have the Money to by a manga kit now! Heck, I can buy Ocarina of Time 3D! But I'll think a little longer first.

And to answer a question that Chelsea asked a while earlier and I didn't notice, My sister Sarah is six as of now.

We'll be visiting my uncle John tomorrow, but that means I won't be able to work that much on my stories! Oh noes! So I better do as much as I can right now! Sayonara for now!

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