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Yeah, so I have this problem, I can't stand people looking at the stuff I'm working on, like documents on the computer. Drawing, sure, but not typing, unless it's Lozoot or otherwise. So Steve was helping Sarah with her new Pokewalker, and was pacing around the couch, where I am now typing. I was nervous, and I asked him if he could try pacing someplace else, and his answer was an excuse; 'pacing around here is easier'. I suggested him a new route, and he took it, but then playfully took a peek, showing me how it doesn't change a thing. Then I, getting irritated, offered him to pace in the other room. He went out, but a minute later came back, for no apparent reason. After some loud persuasion from me and John, he left again. But then when John learned the reason was my nervousness, he left to apologize.

No mistake, it's not Steve's fault. I have a sensitivity problem, and I could've acted a little better. I should apologize to him sometime today. Sayonara for now.

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