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God Bless!



Uncle John took us out for a stroll, and we went to an amusement park! Uncle John said that he'd buy us tickets for three rides, and those three where; a Ferris wheel, that had some of the carts swing from side to side! A roller coaster called soaring eagle, but the way you got on was that you were fastened to a seat that had your belly down, so it was more like you were flying! I closed my eyes whenever we went upside down. And another roller coaster called Cyclone, and it's supposed to be a landmark, and by the way, is really old. And one of the best parts is, our picture was taken during the first decent! I'll try and show the picture as soon as I can! And yes, I closed my eyes a lot on that roller coaster too. I was honestly praying while it was going. So I'm off to find some music and clean some stuff off of my Mp3. Sayonara for now!

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