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God Bless!


Late, really late!!!

I've done little to no work these past few days because we've just settled in at New Jersey. We're staying at a Church's parsonage, but the pastor left, leaving the vacancy open, so we were allowed to stay. here. The house is EMPTY and I mean EMPTY. No furniture, no beds, and to John's dismay, no TV. But I've bared with it.

So in the afternoon, we went to see Aunt Lucy, someone Mom would visit as a kid. She's pretty elderly, as of now, she's 91. We went to the board walk, ate dinner at a fancy restaurant, and after taking Lucy home, Dad says we'll be leaving soon... and we get home at 11:30. Lucky since it's Friday, we get to stay up til midnight. *Beep* Whaddya know. It's midnight. Sayonara for now!!

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