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Late night...

I just watched the movie tangled with my cousins, and I would've really enjoyed if, it Sarah didn't stop talkin'!! Almost half the time we had to say 'Shush and watch!!', and one time both me and Stephen (not my bro Steve)
 said shush at the same time!

Anyway, I also would've enjoyed it if it wasn't a darn Musical! Insert songs like in Japanese movies, well sure, heck insert songs sung by the actor sure, but to have the person in the movie actually sing it? It's awkward, and makes NO sense!!

Yeah, I have a lot against movies like that nowadays... sigh. I am trying hard to finish the next chapter of Neo-Soldier, so that'll be my occupation for now. you know what else is for now? Sayonara for now! lol
Aren't I clever?

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