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I'm on a roll!

I've been working on the new Lozoot chapter and the new Neo-soldier chapter simultaneously! Neo-Soldier is well over half-way done, but that's more than I can say for Lozoot. I've been slow, long story short. And I've had better brainstorms that shoved me along. With Neo-soldier, it's a dark story and I don't like people taking peeps when I work, but with Lozoot, it's all funny, and I can always ask what should come next. Then why is Neo-soldier doing better?

The new Lozoot will feature a song that took forever to find!! First I found the blog that had the album, then I downloaded it, the download was corrupted, so I had to manually extract the song I needed. Then I had to find a picture of Blue link, then I had to move it to mom's old 'puter (she's using a mac now), make the movie, get the internet working, then upload the movie to Picasa. I hope you like the song, (I don't exactly), and I hope you think it works, (I don't exactly).

Also, me and my bros were thinking about getting our own personal DS', and that means selling our white one that absolutely does not work, (okay, so it works, just not well) and some other work. I made a start by mowing a lawn and gettin' $17. But that's not half the dough I need to take advantage of a deal on eBay. The main reason was because my sis is gettin' a pink DS lite for her b-day, and since she can't read the blog, heck can't read it at all, I guess it's okay to say so. Wow, her birthday was when I posted the 'vs Gohma' chapter for lozoot, has it really been a year?

I hope this house has a scanner, and I'm really hoping I get the chapter done, so cheer me on, or something. Back to work! Sayonara for now! Yeah, long post!!

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