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Happy birth-day to her!

Today, since we are leaving, very soon, we celebrated my little sis' birthday two days early. It was fun, we whacked a Pinata, though it was hecka tough to crack!

More importantly, to Sarah anyway, the presents that she got were as follows;

A Pink DS lite

A Tangled Game for the ds

A Tinkerbell game for the ds

Pokemon Heartgold

And a Tangled level two reading book.

So that was fun, and I got Sarah's Poke'walker working, and I'm downloading the Harmony of a Hunter soundtrack for Metroid that was just released! The album celebrates Metroid's 25th anniversary, and since Nintendo wasn't going to do anything about it, the communities out there are doing some stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to burn the album to an audio disc...

Any way, how about I don't say 'sayonara for now' today? How about today I say instead...


By the way, by her, I also meant Samus!

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  1. Gaah, for the love of Nayru, Blogger won't let my proper account post a comment... Anyway!
    Wow! I didn't know you had a sister! Happy birthday to her!! (for today, since it's wednesday now!) If you don't mind saying on the internet, how old is she? Because I think it's AWESOME that she's getting a DS!!


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