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Heya!! I'm at my mom's dad again, but this time I'll be here for a while, so now that I'm stayin' put, nothing should distract me from my work.

During our last visit to the church in Linwood, I found a little booklet about... let's just say the differences between Catholic and Christian beliefs. But it seems to flame the first belief, so I won't get into that.

So while we were here, we saw an episode of 'Shake It up!', and long story short, one of the main characters was hurt and was in the hospital, and her best friend was really (really) worried, and she did the last thing I expected to see in a Disney slapstick show; she started to pray! Admitting it's in the script, but I didn't expect them to mention religious stuff like that!

Anyway, back to the main point of the post, there are two things, first;
I finally uploaded another piece of artwork! This piece is from Neo-Soldier, and speaking of which, I FINISHED THE CHAPTER! The link is right here, so click that to check it out! I don't what else to say, except please let me know how the picture looks, and Sayonara for now!

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