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This sunday, our Pastor at Church, Barry, talked about how kids should obey their parents with love and respect, and how parents should teach their kids with love and encouragement. He also says to Parents "The main thing to do with Teen; Make some rules, and check their iPods," that made the audience giggle. Then Barry continues, saying stuff like 'What are they listening to? Who are they hanging out with? Who are they texting to? What are they texting about?' And then, as if to wrap that part up, he says 'Seriously, if the bible was written in our time, it would've plain out said 'Check your kid's iPods!!' that made the audience really laugh, including me. He also said stuff like 'Have you husbands ever banded with your kids when it seems like the mother's all weird and stuff?' and other such. When we were leaving, I told mom "For the record, I don't think you're weird, I think you're my mom."

And then later, we went to a waterpark called Splashdown, and we had fun for like two or three hours, goin' down slides and cruising down a jettisoned pool/river. One time when I jumped down into a tubular water slide, I shouted "YAHOOOooo...!!!!" As I went down, acting like Han Solo ;D!! Also, we were waiting for Steve to come down a slide, and it was taking forever! So it was gettin' dad told us to take off the shirts we were wearing that got soaked so we would get warmer. And as we waited, me and John sat down on a counter, and see I have an uncomfortable shoulder problem, They've like got a few, or more black-heads on them, so I wasn't thrilled to take my shirt off. I also caught John sneaking looks at my back, "STOP Staring!" I groaned. But I was smilin', no big deal!

It's real late, so I'll wrap it up now! Sayonara for now!

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