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We're at my grandparents, as in, my mother's parents. Its in Tenesse, and it's not very hot, so I'm happy!

This sunday, some of the people at sunday school invited us to come swimming to a friend's house.  Of course we didn't know anybody, and John wasn't willing to swim, so it wasn't the greates experience. Yeesh, there was a lot of bikinis... *ugh..!* But I coped.

A friend let us borrow his iPad, but we're planning on returning it tomorrow. So that's all that's happenin, Hopefully I can update the playlist tomorrow! Sayonara for now!

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  1. John wasn't willing to swim? You mean, the guy who you wrote as the ZORA kid in your story, DOESN'T WANT TO SWIM?! Oh, Farore save us.
    Why don't you like bikinis? :P I thought all guys liked them... *shudder* perverts...


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