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Cousin's house

Yay me! Long post!

We are at my Mom's sister Ruth's house, for the past few days. Mom and Aunt Ruth are like peas in a pod! They talk all day, help each other out with stuff, and when we order something while we're in Thailand, Ruth lets us ship it over to her, and she sends it over to us!

Ruth's kids are nice, Stephen and Peter, yes, the irony, there are two 'Stevens' in the house. They're a lot younger than us, Stephen's 8, and Peter's 6. But they're a lot sweeter compared to Uncle Mark's kids, our other cousins, the older ones. But I'll blow off steam about them some other day.

The two go to swim practice often, and I've went and watched sometimes. And just earlier today, they were going to an actual swimming pool, and invited us, and guess what? John wasn't willing to go, AGAIN. But neither did the rest of us, but another day comes.

I've also, after a long time of over-due, I've updated the playlist! I've put in Metroid Music, Metal remixes to be precise. Chelsea, if you're reading this, please comment! It's been a while since I posted, but please comment to let me know that you're back to reading this!!

Sayonara for now!

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