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Another Cousin's house

I couldn't post yesterday because my dad said we should try and lay off the computer, so now I'm posting right away today.

Yesterday, we went to see our cousins. Not the sweet young ones, but the teen ones. They are the perfect example of people who succumbed to peer pressure. All they can do is call each other names when their parents aren't around, argue over *bleep* things, and they are basically not fun to have around, AT ALL. And to me, a gamer, perhaps the biggest insult they made was calling the Wii trash, and Pretending that Zelda doesn't exist, and demean anything else that has 'Nintendo' associated with it.

But there's no denying it. A whole lot of people act like this, more than I could want. What do you get in between a Decent kid and a nasty kid? The answer is Heathen. HEATHEN. At least they acted better than the last time we came.

They made fun of everything we did, maybe just because we were 'wierdos from asia'. I was surprised when they didn't tell my little sister to 'Shaddup' while we were eating.

*Sigh* Well I'm done blowing off steam. I'll get to work on Ultraman wiki, maybe work on getting some music for lozoot, And get to work on Neo-Soldier. Sayonara for now!

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