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Techno music

Do you like Techno music? My brother certainly doesn't. He calls it electronic and noisy. Admitting I do think it sounds, unoriginal, but I really like it. Here are some examples of Techno Music.

Kinda Techno.
ZXtunes Cannonball-Hard revenge
ZXtunes Misty rain

These two songs have more traditional instruments in them than the later Songs I'm about to show you.


ZXAtunes Drifting Floe
ZXAtunes Bullet drive

These songs have a minority of traditional instruments, and Are nothing compared to the last few here.

ZXAtunes Overloaded

ZXAtunes Slamdown

The techno 'screaming' in these last two songs is what makes me consider them completely Techno. Though a select few find this kind of music cool, like me, some consider it the stuff of tomorrow, like me, and are better off being in few numbers. If you don't like these songs, Don't worry, I won't put them in the playlist at the bottom. I'm more into rock and classical music anyhow.

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