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I am Baaaaack!!!

Koonichiwa! I am now in the USA! If you're wondering why I haven't been posting lately, It's because I'm at my grandpa's house, and at first, there was NO INTERNET! So I entertained myself with walking, drawing, and going into town when I get the chance.

I bought these cool pens that are perfect for manga drawing, so now my pictures will look more professional! But Gramps doesn't have a Scanner... bummer...

While we were here, we are getting money a whole lot faster than we could in Thailand. Steve and John bought some lego(tm)Hero-Factory, and John bought a magic 8-ball, you know, you ask a yes-or-no question, shake it, and get the answer? That was a lousy waste of $5. And every time we ask the ball if it was a waste to buy it, it always says yes!

Last week, Gramps gave us three a little chore; if we could chop out all the Mustard weeds in his yards, he'd pay us $50 each, $50! Now we're all paid, and John spent $20 on a Lego Hero-factory, and Steve spent $12 on a Pokemon TCG deck. I might buy something too, but before I do anything, I'll be looking into what SHFiguarts I can buy and ship over with $50.

My brother John's birthday is coming up in 6 days! So me and Steve are thinking of what to get him.
Here's a hint on what we most certainly plan on getting him: Pokemon White version

Now that I'm back, I might as well do an overhaul on the site, replace a few things, shrink 'em, whatever. And I can get back to my stories!
Sayonara for now!



  1. Hey, great to see you back!! I love the new playlist!! It's really great, you have good taste in music. And I know what you should buy with your money!! OOT 3DS!! I've preordered it, simply because here in Australia it comes with an ocarina and music, but I don't even have a 3DS.
    P.s. this is chelsea, the commenter has gone yucky. :(

  2. you're in america?? awesome! which state? we're here too...wait you know that. you came to our house the day we left to celebrate your brothers birthday. :)


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