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Happy father's day!

Happy father's day! Me and my bros, and Gramps, got our dad a card, it showed a strong looking dog wearing sun-glasses, and text at the bottom of the card said; 'Dad, cool when he wants to be, tough when he needs to be..', and when you open the card, it shows the dog smiling with the sunglass upside-down, with one of his eyes exposed, '...And funny when Mom isn't looking', it continues. Dad chuckled when he read it, and so did mom. When she read it the first time, I said 'No offense!' about the last sentence.

Also, gramps bought me some Pimple-therapy while we were out. It's a cream that I have to place on my face, and after a while, the cream will turn from blue to white, and dry and flake off. My pimples are starting to go away, but I refuse to Show my face until they're all gone! Sayonara for now!

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