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God Bless!


Woe is me!

I'm home! Woe is me! There's no place like home! Ah... the smells of the house, the kitchen... the bathroom. I feel at home... but it shall only last two weeks, for me and my family are going back to the US. And when I got home, My brothers had specially repaired three of my bionicles, who were disassembled, by me, and Moc'ed. but now, I come home to find those two in one piece!

In other news... Did you ever want to send secret messages to your friends? Send them in code that had to be deciphered? Baffle your enemies? Well, in the World of Bionicle, they have their own language, that is only the modern english one, but it uses different characters. So, using Fontshop.com, I have constructed a typing font for it! Here is a download for it, and read the readme file once you download it!

Link: Matoran

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