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Truth be Told

This night, my family had a 'family night', where we watch a movie. Maybe a comedy, maybe something like Bionicle, but today we watched 'The Truth be Told'. It's a fun movie. Long story short, a Marriage Counselor named Annie is offered a job on a radio show by a rich rancher. An old college friend of hers, Max, a widower, also meets the rancher. Annie and Max meet at a museum during a meeting, and after the rancher sees Max have his picture taken with his kids and Annie, the rancher assumes they're a family. The rancher calls Annie about the radio show, and with him still under the assumption that she's married to Max, they both go to his ranch for the weekend, with Max hoping the assumption will give him a fund for his social project. I won't give a review now, but as the film progresses, Annie and Max are weighed down with guilt, and know they eventually have to tell him. It's a nice moral story, and fairly funny in some spots. But that's all I've got worth talking. Sayonara for now!

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