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Review: Kamen Rider OOO

Kamen Rider OOO is the 11th Rider of the Hesei period of Japan, and one of the best so far. It was conceived along with its predecessors by Manga Writer Shotaro Ishinomori in the '90s, before his death. The series was leaked out in late 2010 in magazines, and was thought to be called 'Kamen Rider Links', but soon after Kamen Rider Double ended, It was officially revealed as Kamen Rider OOO, pronounced "o's, or 'oze", as in the three medals that he uses to transform, like how his predecessor used two items to transform. The series' theme seems to be overcoming desire.

==The story| The plot of the show==
From right to left; Cazari, Uva, Mezool, and Gamel
800 years ago, the alchemists of the world created five creatures from the desire of humanity; the Greed. By manifesting the desires of man into the forms of coins called Cell medals, the greed were given form, and by fusing them with ten extra-powerful coins called core medals, they were given power. But the greed had little spirit and no will of their own, so the alchemists tried another experiment; how would the Greed react if one of their core-medals were removed? The results: disastrous. The Greed were overwhelmed by the will of becoming complete again, and turned on the humans. But then the results were countered by using a powerful artifact, that by being worn by a human, and using core medals, would become the only thing that could stop them; a Super-human warrior called OOO. The Greed were finally overpowered and sealed into a coffin, locked by the very thing that defeated them; the artifact, or the OOO driver.
            Eight Hundred years later, The greed are freed. But they are missing core medals, and are incomplete, symbolized by missing armor. They suspect that bird Greed, Ankh, who betrayed them before, is responsible. Uva spawns a Mantis Yammy from a woman's desire for jewelry and sends it to find Ankh.
            A young traveling man named Hino Eiji comes into the possession of a red core medal, and is chased by a red floating arm. After the arm corners Eiji, the Mantis Yammy attacks the two, revealing the hand to be Ankh, who was only able to regenerate a single arm. After felling some police guards who tried to attack it, the Mantis proceeds to try and kill Ankh, but Eiji, using a gun of one of the policemen, intervenes. The Mantis decides to kill Eiji first, and knocks the gun away from him, and begins to beat him to the ground. Ankh, strangely, rushes to Eiji's aide, and gives him the artifact from long ago, and using three core medals, transforms into Kamen Rider OOO and destroys the Yammy.
        After the battle, Ankh places himself unto one of the dying Policeman's arm, acting like a glove, and takes control of him.
Eiji Using the Belt
         Ankh then tells Eiji how the other Greed will try and spawn Yammy to collect cell medals from people's desires, and if they have enough, they will be powerful enough to regain their lost core medals. He says he needs Eiji to become OOO and destroy the Yammy so he can absorb the cell medals they leave behind. Eiji is reluctant at first to help Ankh, but then agrees, hoping to be able to use the powers of OOO to protect people from the Greed.
Ankh with his hand clearly attached to the Policeman

==The Rider| An over view of the rider's powers==

TaToBa form
OOO's forms are determined by what three medals he inserts into his belt. When he transforms into a combo, the belt will chant the Form's name, like in the video below.

  Despite looking like a traffic light, there are combos known as complete combos; ones that use three Medals of the same color. Though these are more powerful than a form like TaToBa, they are dangerous. They put enormous stress on Eiji's body, and Eiji is often overwhelmed by their power, unlike in power rangers where the rangers aren't affected by the power of the transformation.
From left to right: GataKiriBa, SaGoZo, TaToBa, TaJaDoru, and LaToraTa
Each complete form has an animal group motif: Insect, African, Bird, Cat, Aquatic, Prehistoric, and Reptile. The reptile form has not appeared yet, hence the lack of image. The name of the form is determined by the name of the animals that are on the core medals. Example: Taka Tora Bata, Hawk, Tiger, and Hopper, these are abbreviated into TaToBa. It's almost literally a Japanese guy saying HaTiHop. Each complete form has it's own elemental power and special ability, like Gatakiriba is lightning powered, and can split into copies of himself to out flank an opponent.

==Consumer's information|My opinion, their opinion, and availability==.
These are my thoughts on Kamen Rider OOO
*Nice story
*Unique Form system
*More Family friendly than Kamen Rider Double

*Mixed forms look akward
*The Yammy are rather disturbing in appearance compared to other weekly monsters
*Swearing and Insulting is common

As for the critics, they Liked it a whole lot more than Double. As for Availability, you can easily Find the episodes and other Rider material subbed in English at Henshin Fever! This is a lot more mature than Power Rangers, so if you're a 12-14 year-old who likes comedy, anime, and has grown out of/doesn't like Power Rangers, than you should try Kamen rider. But you really have to watch them in order, or certain things won't make sense.

This is my second review, but I wasn't able to put much down because of The lack of time. I hope you liked it! Sayonara for now!

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