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I watched the gloomy gray countryside as me and my father rode in a public transport van, bound for Kanchanaburi. The music from my Mp3 was in my ears the whole time, and I felt an un-shakeable feeling of emptiness, knowing that my brothers are still home. I tried not to focus on the songs that played, as they might remind me of this emptiness should I listen to them later. As theories about behavior and debates about my stories ran through my head, drowsiness began to creep into me. I had woken up at 5 am, and had stayed up late the night before, and now it's all finally a taking its toll.

Just as I feared falling asleep, we arrived in Kanchanaburi. I grabbed my bag and followed my father, and we quickly boarded another van. This van was more larger than the other, and the seat I was given allowed me to stretch my aching legs. As the van left for Bangkok, I began to feel drowsy again. With the songs playing in my ears, they slowly lulled me to sleep... A tapping on my shoulder awoke me, and I turned to see that the van had stopped, and the people that wished to get off were in requirement of me removing myself from my seat so they could pass. After another hour, the van stopped on the side of the road, and me and my father left the van. I looked around, and wasn't very impressed by the scenery of Bangkok. 

My father quickly called a taxi, and we entered. We departed for the airport, and I gloomily looked out the window at the scenery. If my siblings were here, I wouldn't feel so alone, and cold... Nope, I'm just plain cold. I press a button and the window next to lowers so that gust of warm air begins to blow on me. Father quickly sees my problem, and requests the air-con be switched off.

We entered the airport after paying our transport, and wandered around. We were two hours earlier, so we had to walk and occasionally sit down to make the time fly, until checking into the Nok Airways was available. With a little amusement, I notice that as I place my bag through the scanner machine, the computer on the other side displays the images received from the X-ray scanning. With amusement, I notice that the laptop in my bag looks like a giant data disk in the scan. Luckily my teddy-bear evaded detection from the imagery... As we wait for our flight to arrive, I try plugging the laptop into a nearby socket and try to get internet, the results were negative. After I meddled with the accessories. As the time for our flight draws nearer, I put the computer away and join my father. We wait before entering the gate to the airline, as young ones and elder ones are allowed early access, soon we are able to enter.

The plane flight was rather uneventful, but I enjoyed watching the scenery from out the window. The city below looked like the figurines on a real-estate model.We are served Auntie-Annie's pizza which I nibble on after a moment. I begin to succumb to drowsiness again, and I fall asleep for most of the flight. A PING awakens me as the captain announces that we are about to land.

As me and my father exit the plane, I come upon a vending computer of sorts, and after putting a 10 baht in, I am allowed ten minutes of internet while I wait for our friends to pick us up. Wen our ride comes, I still gloomily look out the window as we drive to their apartment. And after dinner and acquiring wi-fi, here I am. Typing, exhausted and empty.

So that's what happened today. Interesting enough? I hope so. Sayonara for now. 

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