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Damage, Cookies, and an Online Game

Three things happened today!

1: My inner brace broke, hindering my face-brace activity, so me and my father will take a bus to Chiang Mai and have the Doctor fix it.

2: My mother made 'no-bake-cookies', mixing cereal and nuts into a chocolate sauce and setting scoops down on wax paper to harden.

3: Me and my brother Steve downloaded Mata Nui online game II, a game that hasn't been playable on Lego.com since 2006!

So what did you think of my new posting style? I emulated it from Kamen Rider OOO. If you're interested in the game I just mentioned, here's the link. The game is rather non-linear, so Here is a walkthrough for help. Hope this wasn't too disappointing. Sayonara for now!

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