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Guess where I am right now? Still in Chiang Mai. Typing away on the laptop I brought. I just got back from a motorbike ride with my dad. We were out all morning, and we got back just like 10 minutes ago. I had my first sundae while we were out! I also had my brace fixed, and if only dad's camera was working, I could show some pics. I'm watching Gundam Wing right, and it seems that Trowa, the Pilot of Gundam Heavyarms, disguised as a circus act where all the enemy soldiers are. Here's a funny way of putting it...

*Trowa: How about a magic trick?*
*Trowa walks away, and his gundam appears, with him piloting it, and sets the suit to self-destruct*
*Trowa: I'm going to make this audience, disappear!*

Get the picture? Sayonara for now!

EDIT: In gundam wing, the alliance's noventa cannon's energy blasts sound like a super saiyan from DBZ... hm...

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