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God Bless!


Songkran... I think that's how you spell it.

Today we had the Thailand water festival today, when we drive around in the back of a truck, throwing water from a bucket at anybody we can find. Me and by little brother went with some friends of ours. We went around town, throwing water, but sadly, it was a cold day, and the moment we got wet, it was freezing, and the fact that the people iced their water before throwing didn't help. Not to mention, they put some kind of incense in it before throwing, and it tasted weird when it got in my mouth. My older brother, John didn't want to go 'cause we were only going around the Muban, or neighborhood, and not the big road. And we ran out of the water fast, so we stopped once. Well, that's basically all I have to say. Sayonara for now.

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