The Mangaka's Desk is a missionary kid's blog from Thailand. Thailand's Piracy level makes genuine products hard to come across, and constant writer's block makes my updates slow. Bear with me, and I hope you enjoy my Blog!
God Bless!


Site update!

I put the links to the Comedy story that me and my brothers are writing at the side of the blog, so this will make it easier for one of my followers to take a look at it. The song at the bottom was changed to an OST, and that's pretty much it.

Oh and for the record, the games at the bottom are not pirated! The message that appears before you play Frogger or Asteroids, just lets you know that Atari or Konami will not take responsibility for the flash game clones. Not saying 'you have to play them', I'm just saying, don't get the wrong Idea, they are not pirated, the original publishers shall not take responsibility for it. Thank you. Sayonara for now.

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