The Mangaka's Desk is a missionary kid's blog from Thailand. Thailand's Piracy level makes genuine products hard to come across, and constant writer's block makes my updates slow. Bear with me, and I hope you enjoy my Blog!
God Bless!



Late again! These past few days haven't been easy to post on! The normal computer I use is completely unable to use the typing system in blogger, so I can't post on it! I managed to squeeze unto the one that our dad (now our mom since dad's on a trip) uses, and was able to post this. Oh by the way, I changed the URL back to normal to prevent confusion, and I added a Snake game at the bottom! I'll also redo the song of the week at the bottom. Sayonara for now!

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  1. Waaaaah... Your blog is WAAAY cooler than mine now!!
    I'm glad to see the post, it's great you managed to get the laptop!!


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