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God Bless!



I wasn't able to post for the last two days, just when I thought it would be easy that my mom's computer is back!

Yesterday, my dad gave me and my bros our allowance from two weeks ago; 200 baht, the equivalent of 6 bucks. And I already had 300 in my wallet, so that brought me to 500 baht, 15 bucks! If I wanted to buy a Lego Herofactory set, I could. Also yesterday, my earphones for my MP3 died T_T, so that meant I had to use my mom's pink earphones if I wanted to listen, Pink!

So today, my dad gave us our weekly allowance, another hundred baht, so that brings my total saving to 600, 18 bucks! But a fool and his money are soon parted, I spent $2.48 on some new head phones! Can you figure out how many baht I spent? Sayonara for now!

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