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Good Friday

Good Friday is supposed to be the day when Jesus died on the cross, but according to my dad, it's really supposed to be on Wednesday, but because the date clashed with another culture's holiday, the Catholics changed it to Friday (no offence, Chelsea).

When our friends went to church to celebrate, since it was a Thai church, our it didn't seem like our dad wanted to take us there, so we went to Airport Plaza, like the best mall in Chiang Mai. It's got a section where imported goods go, and that's where they sell stuff like clothes, or Japanese figures (Expensive ones too!), but to our major interest, Legos. With our savings, me and my two brothers just bought three Hero Factory figures. I might be able to do record a video Review of the one I bought for my blog! That's really all I have to say. Sayonara for now!

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  1. EH?! Somehow, I think your dad is wrong. Because the Lord's day is on Sunday, so it doesn't change. Where did he get the information from?
    Anyway, I've been to Chiang Mai!! But I didn't go to Airport Plaza. A video would be awesome!! :)


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