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Happy Easter! Today,me and my folks went to the church, and I enjoyed it better than other times. After the singing and benediction was over, we could go and grab a bag of freshly popped pop-corn, or get a cone or cup of Coconut Ice-cream, one of my favorite flavors!

After Church, we went to the other side of town and ate at a Mc.Donald's that was built into a Hotel. We got a nice spot on a balcony, and as we watched the night bazaar on the other side, I realized that there was a Japanese guy sitting at another table. I was able to talk a little Japanese with him... A real Japanese man! Just my Luck! I mean, there's no such thing as luck, the Lord has it all planned out, I'm just thankful that he let me meet a Japanese man. Which reminds me, at Church, part of our prayers were for the tsunami in Japan... I prayed for them too, that was probably the worst thing that happened to them!

After that, we went to the night market on the other side, and browsed through the merchandise. Me and My bro got a nice Thai-styled pan-flute! It's like a normal pan flute, except it's arranged in a circle, so rolling it in your palms is a major part to playing it. If I get the hang of it, I might be able to do Zelda songs on it :)! My bro also got a Fang-necklace, and we bought a little heart-shaped jade necklace for my Nana-- I mean Grandma. I also found a Heart-Container shaped Necklace, but sadly I couldn't take a picture of it... My little sister got a little croaker frog, which you roll a stick up its back to make a ribbit sound. I also found a mini Pachisi board, but it was expensive, so I left it alone... For now.

The video review is still coming slow, so that's all I have to say. Sayonara for now!

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  1. I'm glad the church prayed for the poor Japanese people.
    I remember going to the night bazaar while I was in Chiang Mai! The little tribal ladies would come up to you, stroking the backs of the frogs, and persistently saying, 'You buy? You buy?'
    When you get the hang of that pan flute, try playing the spirit flute songs! Also, I wish I could have seen that heart container necklace!! :)


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