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Review: Megaman and Bass

Even though I don't physically posses this product, I decided to write a review on the popular 'Megaman and Bass', in which players are given the chance to play as the Vegeta of the Megaman world; Bass. I am not a fan of the Megaman classics, or at least I don't like them as much as I like Zero or Starforce, but since I had nothing else to say for the day, I decided to post this.

~THE HISTORY| The history of the product~
The game was originally released in Japan for the Super Famicom (the Japanese version of the SNES), as 'Rockman and Forte', even though the system was being outdone by the Sega Saturn and Playstation. The creators said they created the game for younger gamers who hadn't acquired the other systems. The game was popular, but for unknown reasons, it never received an American audience until it was ported to the GBA.

~THE TRANSFER| Localization/porting~
The game was re-released for the Game Boy Advanced to commemorate the franchise's 15 anniversary. The game was finally localized into America after four years. Though the game was finally made playable for the western audience, it wasn't translated very well compared to other games. It was translated better than the first two Zero games, but the dialogue is 'too' much like the Japanese version. For example, the secret disk data. These disks are scattered throughout the game's stages, and as a collecting quest, the player can find them all. The data on these disks can be viewed later in the database at the stage selection menu. The data on some of these disks are translated, but not enough, from a critic's point of view. For example, Flashman's data entry on one of the disk (sorry, no picture):

• CD data •
English data
He can stop time for a short period. He sometimes makes bad use of his power for fun.
"Stop in the name of love!"

Good Point: Caring boss
Bad Point: Miseryguts
Like: Camera
Dislike: Commercials for wigs

Not to brag, but I think I could do a little better, if I knew what the Japanese entry was, of course. Anyway, this is just one example of a few poorly translated disks.

~STORY| The synopsis of the game~
Megaman/Bass (depending on who the player chooses) detect disturbance at the city museum, and investigate. At the end of the stage, they find King, a powerful robot created by Dr.Wily. King announces that he, the strongest robot of all, shall lead a glorious rebellion against the humans. Megaman tries to stop him out of his sense of justice, but Bass tries to stop him because King called himself the strongest, "Everyone knows that I'm the mightiest robot in the world!" Bass says. But King releases a Green Devil (Devils are recurring 'sludge' enemies in the series) to do battle with the selected player. After defeating it, the player must select one of the stages, defeating robot masters until they finally reach King for the final showdown. I won't show the conclusion because I don't wish to spoil it.

~Gameplay| How the game works~

 This a platformer game, meaning jumping from floor/block to floor/block is the main way how to get through the stage. Abysses/pits are a big problem. Another thing is spikes, which the Megaman series is known for. If a player touches spikes, instant death. It also uses a lives system, like the other games. If a player runs out of life from their gauge, or falls into an abyss or touches a spiked floor, a life is destroyed, and the player reappears at the nearest checkpoint, making getting killed right away at the beginning of a stage quite annoying.

After defeating a boss, the player will obtain the boss' special ability, or weapon, that can be equipped later. Certain boss' are weak to another's special weapon, making the order the bosses are fought important. For example, Burnerman is weak to Coldman's  Ice Wall, because it will shove him into the spikes in his chamber. Again, to keep out spoilers, I won't list the bosses or their weapons.

 Both characters have their own special abilities on their own, but Megaman only has two; charging his beam and sliding, while Bass can dash like Megaman incarnations can in later games, can double jump, and can aim his rapid fire. Therefore, there are some disks that only Bass or Megaman can obtain.

~CONSUMER'S INFORMATION| My opinion, the critic's opinion, and availability~
The game was well received in Japan and America. However, the critics said that the difficulty is rather merciless, and in Japan, it didn't sell well because of the two other systems already at large. In my opinion, here are the Pros and Cons:

 *Nice gameplay
 *One of the few chances to play as Bass
  *Family friendly, and has only cartoon violence
*Goofy/cartoony story
*Very difficult
*Megaman only has two abilities

It is one of the old ones, and is therefore rather goofy compared to later games, for example, one of the stages is an amusement park, and jumping on trains with eyes is the main way to progress through the stage. If you like the classics and are okay with such elements, or are a collector of the Megaman classics, then you'll  probably like the game. But if you like more serious games, like Zero or ZX, then you probably won't, but hey, I'm no expert.

 The game is rather rare, as there are only four or five offers on Ebay, and it's a little pricey, ranging from $18 to $30, but it is available as DLC on the Wii for Megaman 10, so Wii players have the advantage, granted they downloaded Megaman 10 to start. This is my first review, and I don't think I did a very good job, but what do you think? Tell me in the comments! It's dinner time, so I'd better leave it at that. This is James, saying Sayonara for now!

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