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Today had been... in one word; wet. Soggy, damp, and wet. It's been drizzling, and after a few hours it starts again, and again, and again. These drizzles have cut down my chances of going on walks.

Me and my brother are reading the book, 'The Call of the Wild', and I must say, its a a lot different than the silly 'good times family classics' cartoon. The book is very gruesome, as the mush dogs in the story are always fighting over the role of the lead dog, and there has been plenty of blood spillage. Much more gruesome that the light-hearted cartoon.

Me and the others are watching a play-through for 'Metroid: other M', but I don't try to pay too much attention, because I plan on actually playing the game.

I also wasn't able to put up the Metroid: Zero Mission manga pages I was flipping because I wasn't able to use the computer that had the files on it.

Today has been boring, with nothing really happening, so I'll just leave it at that. Sayonara for now!

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