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Nothing really, but... Story uploaded!!

The first chapter of Megaman Neo-Soldier is on the web!! This story tells of a city, new Jericho, a city free of crime, but there is still one thing that isn't safe, and the government hasn't told anybody; its struggle against a mysterious Terrorist group, who control out-of-this-world technology, are kidnapping people, but for what reason? An orphan named Terry, and his Sister, Mari, are dragged into the conflict when the Matrix targets Terry. After barely surviving the attack, Terry wakes up from a week-long coma, and discovers that he was given powers like the Technology that the Terrorists use. When this power awakens, Terry's life will be changed forever.

This story is violent, and rather dark and grim. So if you're not used to anything like Dragonball Z or Kamen Rider, I wouldn't suggest reading it.

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