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Manga work

I've found a website called 'Manga University', and I found that it would help me with my drawing skills. I've been working on the concept artwork for some of the characters inside my new story, Megaman Neo-Soldier, and  found that it was about time to draw it... 'by the rules'. Manga university covers almost everything one would want to know how to draw; backgrounds, Male/Female bodies, faces, eyes ( I was overjoyed to find that section), and specific characters, like Dragonball Z, or Evangelion. Hopefully, this will give me the courage to upload some artwork, but I am bad at dimensions and shading, so They'll still look a bit like plain 'ol drawings. Hopefully I'll be able to upload a picture within the week!

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  1. You finally stumbled across Manga Uni, eh? :) They have some GREAT tutorials. :) I still draw my own way. There ARE no rules, only guidelines ;)
    I can't wait to see your work!!


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