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Me and my family went to this... 'homeschool get together' of sorts, it's like once a week, homeschooled kids and their parents go to a place and do something like a normal public school. But things didn't go as bad as I thought. We had a good time, except for PE, where we played 'ultimate Frisbee', and I stunk at it. I only grabbed the Frisbee once or twice. When we got home, I was so tired that I grabbed a book and read it in a hammock, and almost fell asleep. Then I gathered the strength to climb unto the computer and post this. This reminds me of what I read on the blog 'Such is Life'.

Just for something to do, I began to flip the Metroid Zero Mission manga, and since the whole thing was flipped, I had to put the text back in, and this gave to the chance to fix some translation errors I found in the original scanlation. I might be able to upload the first chapter by tomorrow if I work fast enough. It's about Dinner time, so I'd better wrap it up. This James saying Sayonara for now!

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  1. You're homeschooled? Oh, how I would love that lifestyle...
    And WOW! It says here that you posted this at 3:56 AM. So, hang on, if you live where I think you told me you live... and I'm about 4 hours later than you... you had dinner at MIDNIGHT!?!?!?!?!


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