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God Bless!



I'm over for dinner at a friends house, and we came at like 5:00, and now it's 8:55, almost four hours. My dad brought over home-made rice krispy treats, and my friends liked that. After that, we played wolf outside, and when I would hide, when somebody would come near, nearly   able to see me, I would jump up and growl, scaring the wits out of them. But that's not the post-focus, an eathquake hit! It was small, but enough to get Mercy (my new follower I might add) freaking out. Twitter is getting post after post of it, and it just entered an earthquake website.


  1. hey but yall cheer me up by singing I'm A Believer by Smash mouth haha. :) and the rice crispies were awesome!!

  2. Congrats, James! New follower!
    I havn't been through an earthquake, but I was jolly well close to some bushfires.
    Actually, change that, there was this earth tremor and I was just standing in my house and then everything shook and I'm like, FTW???


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