The Mangaka's Desk is a missionary kid's blog from Thailand. Thailand's Piracy level makes genuine products hard to come across, and constant writer's block makes my updates slow. Bear with me, and I hope you enjoy my Blog!
God Bless!



These past three days have been busy, busy, BUSY! On monday, Co-OP. On tuesday, we visited some friends at the end of the day, and we came home late. Not to say visiting friends isn't nice, it's just been busy. And now tonight, we had to go out immediately because we had to work on our VISA, and we visited our friends again so my and their mom could make some cake (visiting is more like it, take a guess where I'm typing this ;D).

I changed the song at the bottom of the screen, too, so you can check that out. That's all I have to say, Sayonara for now!

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